Lead Ownership

To Shark tank or not to Shark tank, that is the question.  Or at least it is with some platforms.  Ricochet360 allows customers to easily build campaigns that can be Shark Tank or stay with the lead owner, making powerful workflows and effective communications.

To begin, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of how lead ownership is created.  There are only 3 ways a lead becomes owned by an agent:

  1. The lead is called (automatically assigns lead ownership)
  2. The lead is manually assigned by an administrator or self-assigned (if feature enabled)
  3. System configured to assign upon answering an inbound call or upon receiving a transfer

The permission level “Agent” can only see leads that they currently own.  However, you can further restrict visibility so that they can only see leads that are in a contacted status by checking the option “Only show leads owned by agent” located in the User Experience & Agents Settings (found in Company Settings).  Conversely, if you would prefer agents to see all leads in your system, you can change their status to an “All Leads Agent”.

The best part about lead ownership is that you choose what can be permanent or temporary. By default, dialer campaigns are shark tank. Meaning that any user selected to make calls in a campaign is eligible for all leads unless the option “only call leads owned by agent” is selected.  Therefore, it is common best practice to create dialer campaigns for non-contacted leads in a shark tank fashion, so that lead ownership can change from call to call, and then once a lead is status-ed, a contacted or working lead will get shifted to an “owned” state so that another agent can work on it.

For example, you want to give a salesperson two weeks to work a lead.  If it does not close by then, you want to make this lead available for all agents again.  One way to accomplish this would be to create a “recycle status”.  Assuming your workflow looks like this:

You can put an expiration of 336 hours (2 weeks) on the status “Working”, then change the status to “recycled” and have a dialer campaign configured to call leads with the recycled status.  If you want to prevent the lead from expiring, you may want to consider making a status called “Working Task Set” for agents that have a legitimate reason to hold onto a lead longer than 2 weeks.  You would then add that status to your contacted dialer campaign and select “Only Call leads without pending tasks or tasks past due by” from the dropdown and enter a time in the box you would like an automated call to be made if the agent misses the task reminder. 

With the understanding of lead ownership, assigning statuses, and dialer campaigns – the possibilities are endless.  You can ensure that no lead goes dormant and each lead is given the proper attention resulting in higher close rates!