Custom Call Routing Delivers
a Better Customer Experience

Personalize Your Sales Workflow with Custom Call Routing

Route leads to your call center agents in a myriad of ways. From skills-based routing, state licensing, dynamic distribution via tags, or hunt number distribution, Ricochet360 routes inbound leads using call routing and workflows that deliver leads to your most qualified team members with ease.

  • All of your internet leads from your marketing channels, vendors, and website are gathered into your CRM or database.
  • New leads are posted in real-time to the Ricochet360 API.
  • We instantly scrub the lead information to ensure that we call your leads during selected hours of operation. In addition, we ensure that we call the consumer at an appropriate time in compliance with the FTC’s telemarketing sales rules (such as TCPA).
  • Based on the call routing rules you establish, Ricochet360 will analyze your internet lead traffic in real-time. Then the system dynamically decides the appropriate agent(s) to match with the lead and initiate the call.

Rules or Skills Based Call Routing

Some companies route leads to sales agents or teams based on state licensing requirements, marketing channel, product, price, or other criteria. Skills-based routing allows Ricochet360 to target the best representative on your team. Then you can efficiently guide the customer through the process and close the deal.

Ricochet360 1-Second Dialing

Ricochet’s patent pending sales dialer calls the lead in under one second to ensure that you call before your competitors and before the consumer can fill out another lead form on a different website.

Ricochet: Custom Call Routing

Ricochet by Speed to Contact: Cloud Phone System, Dialer, CRM & Marketing Automation Platform: Custom Call Routing


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