A2P SMS Compliance Campaigns

Stay A2P compliant with your personalized, automated marketing campaigns.

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Reach all of your customers through A2P SMS and increase your open rates. Ricochet360 is compliant with carriers and regulations which improves the deliverability of your SMS output, enabling messages to pass spam filters.

What is A2P SMS?

A2P, also known as Application-To-Person Messaging, enables businesses to send a marketing service text message in bulk via a business application to a mobile phone through an automated method. Through A2P SMS, businesses are able to easily reach a significant number of clients or consumers through text messaging.

A2P gives personalized messages to consumers that are brief and easy to read.

Ensure Your Communication is Received

98% of text messages are opened.
A2P SMS is an effective way to relay important details to consumers, ranging from promotions to scheduling confirmations and code authentication, plus much more.

Grow and Improve Your Busines with A2P SMS

Make Scheduling Easier

Streamline your appointment scheduling process with an automated text message appointment day and time confirmation.

Efficiently Communicate

Text messages are significantly more efficient than sending emails, especially when it comes to your business. 20% of marketing emails are never opened, whereas text messages have a 98% open rate.

Communicate with Speed

Messages are immediately sent to consumers and text messages are read on average in three minutes, with a click-through rate of 19% (compared to email which is 2%).


Business marketing can be costly, but with A2P SMS, your business reduces costs since there’s no need to pay for mail (including lost mail). A2P SMS has minimal overhead and is low-risk.


Reduce admin time on your end by using this fully-automated service.

Global Compliance Engine

At Ricochet360, we utilize a compliance system that covers all in-country legislation across national borders. Each message also uses a short code to stay A2P 10DLC compliant.

A2P SMS For Your Business

A2P text messages can be used via bulk, global messaging in the following ways:

Two Factor Authentication

Send a one-time password to a customer’s phone, making their account more secure and less susceptible to hackers.

Send Marketing Messages

Promote special offers or discounts to potential consumers.

Appointment Reminders

Make it easier than ever for clients to confirm appointments or reschedule.

Billing Revisions

Send clients direct alerts of billing changes and current balances due.

Purchased Ticket Confirmations

Notify consumers of a successful purchase along with event dates and other details.

Business Reservation Reminders

Reservation reminders can be sent for a variety of businesses ranging from hotels to restaurants and medical appointments.

Shipment Notifications

Consumers can receive up-to-date shipment status.

Service Installation Updates

Inform clients of any changes in services.

Alerts For Unusual Account Activity

It’s important for customers to know if any of their personal information is potentially compromised or if there has been any suspicious activity.


Communicate select information and warnings to clients regarding their bank accounts, as well as banking pins.

Requests For Feedback

Receive valuable feedback from consumers that can benefit your business.

Promote Your Business Interests with A2P SMS
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A2P SMS Compliance with Ricochet360: How It Works

Using the Ricochet360 A2P SMS Compliance Service is easier than ever while giving your business a robust offering:
Step 1. Login to your Ricochet360 A2P SMS account and upload your subscriber list.
Step 2. Create the SMS message types you would like to send to your consumer list.
Step 3: Choose to send the messages in bulk or individually when needed from our SMS platform. This method is as simple as clicking a button. Our secure application then transfers the A2P SMS through a trusted SMS gateway short code, sends it to the mobile service provider, and then sends it to the individual mobile user while providing you with a fast, reliable, and enhanced method of communication that is compliant with federal laws.
Your business will be able to send messages for a wide variety of purposes, including appointment reminders, banking information, and marketing promotions. Adding additional consumers to your subscriber list can also be done whenever needed.
With our A2P SMS compliance, your business can customize message content, as well as select who should receive the messages from each subscriber list.

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Additional Questions

How is A2P messaging different from Person-To-Person messaging?

Person-To-Person messaging (also known as Peer to Peer) means one person sends an SMS message to another person. With A2P SMS messages, a message can be sent to a significant number of people (which is where Person-To-Person is limited).

Richochet360 can help your business take advantage of the benefits A2P SMS messaging has to offer while ensuring you stay compliant with wireless carriers across borders and the various carrier networks.

Is A2P messaging compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)?

Yes, at Ricochet360, our A2P message service is compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act federal law, which restricts various marketing messages via either a phone call or text message.

Can consumers Opt In to A2P messaging?

Yes, in fact, consumers must have the option of opting into any text message communication from a business before receiving messages.