Social Media Integration Helps Build Rapport

Quickly Find Common Ground with Your Leads to Enhance Relationship Selling

Build Rapport and Trust with Ricochet360 Social Links

Transactional sales are typically quick and impersonal, suitable for commoditized, low-cost products. Conversely, expensive or complex products benefit from more personal “relationship selling”. An effective tool when relationship selling is social media integration with your CRM.

Social media integration using Ricochet’s Social Links gives you instant access to LinkedIn profiles, including the photo, company, job title and location of your leads. Within seconds, you can review useful customer information to find common ground for your conversation.

In addition, you can connect with your leads on social media to stay top of mind. Establish yourself as a trusted advisor by adding value via social media (for example, you could share advice, post a helpful link or make an introduction). Or you may also hear what people are saying about you or your competitors.

Add the power of social media into your selling process to build better relationships and close deals faster.

Ricochet: CRM & Social Media Integration

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