Why Is There So Much Spam?

Businesses are having their calls marked as spam at an increasing rate. One of the biggest reasons is the Federal Communications Commission is cracking down on automated calls and continuing to enforce its regulations.

To reduce your chances of calls being labeled as spam, it helps to understand what potential customers are doing to avoid being called and which steps you can take to increase your chance of reaching your target audience.


Steps People Take To Avoid Calls

1. Joining the National Do Not Call Registry

Many people register their number on the Federal Communication Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry. If their number is on this list, they are legally protected and not allowed to be contacted. It is the responsibility of you, the caller, to avoid calling numbers on the DNC registry.

2. Blocking Spam Calls

The second common step people take to avoid calls is by blocking calls from unknown numbers. This means if their phone doesn’t recognize the number, the call will be marked as spam and essentially go unnoticed.

How Your Company Can Improve Calls and Reduce Its Risk of Being Marked as Spam

There are many steps your company can take to reduce the chances your calls are flagged as spam and improve your outbound call volume:

1. Create Custom Filters

First and foremost, don’t call numbers on the DNC list. The way to ensure you stay compliant with the federal laws surrounding this is by applying custom filters to each and every list. That way you can easily exclude the numbers you aren’t allowed to call without worrying about any issues or having to manually keep track.

2. Get A Level Attestation

This is perhaps one of the biggest steps your business can take to have your calls connect with potential customers. A Level Attestation is a rating that means your carrier originated the call, was able to verify an association with the number calling, and has a pre-existing relationship with the phone number that is dialing.

3. Work with Experts

In order for your business to avoid contributing to the increasing amount of calls being marked as spam, you’ll need the expertise of companies who specialize in automated calls. SpamGuru™ enables you to make the most of every lead and increase contact rates and conversions. Our Risk Rating solution collects data from multiple sources to generate an aggregate health score that predicts the likelihood of being flagged as spam. These Risk Ratings range from 0 to 100 (0 being the lowest) and are categorized as Low, Moderate, and High-Risk scores. The system then instantly alerts subscribers when a number is marked as High-Risk and allows them to take action quickly and easily.

To further improve your outbound calls, custom filters can be created based on lead age, and lead status (plus more), taking your business outreach to the next level.

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