What Is A Level Attestation

The FCC requires most networks within the U.S. to implement the call blocking protocol STIR/SHAKEN. By June 30, 2023, facilities-based small service providers and gateway providers will also be required to incorporate it into their service.

In order to reduce the chances of your numbers being blocked and continue to reach your customers, it’s crucial to understand how STIR/SHAKEN works. Specifically, it utilizes attestation ratings to determine if the call should be blocked by the carrier.

What Are The STIR/SHAKEN Attestation Ratings?


The three types of attestation categories used by STIR/SHAKEN include:

Why Is It Important To Have an A Rating?

The only type of rating your lead gen call center should prioritize is receiving an A rating. Any lesser rating could result in your calls being marked as spam and not reaching any customers. Furthermore, the STIR/SHAKEN attestation ratings are just one of many potential regulatory measures that could be implemented in the future. This means it’s more important than ever for your call center to stay informed of any changes and be proactive in implementing new methods when necessary. Taking steps to receive an A level rating is the first place to start to protect your business.

Solutions To Call Blocking

There are many solutions and steps you can take to receive an A rating and increase your chances of your numbers being viewed as a legitimate caller.

1. Start Advancing Your Strategies:

It’s critical for your business to implement advanced calling strategies that can keep up with the times while keeping callers engaged. A good place to start is technology that focuses on skills-based routing, state licensing, dynamic distribution via tags, hunt number distribution, and much more.

2. Dial Smarter and Faster:

Incorporate dialing options such as click-to-call, progressive dialer, and predictive dialer. Each has its own benefits that help you reach customers without getting flagged as spam.

3. Analyze Call Patterns and Call Volume:

Use an auto-dialing system that can analyze both call patterns and call volume to avoid having calls marked as spam likely.

4. Choose Spam Guru by Ricochet360:

Spam Guru is a one-of-a-kind feature that helps solve the issue of low connection rates and call blocking. It will:

  • Help your call center bypass these protocols
  • Enable your agents to reach more leads and convert them into customers
  • Allow you to manage your outbound calling limit per number per day and evenly distribute your dialing across your pool of numbers (this also lessens the risk of your calling operation being flagged as spam likely or getting blocked numbers)
  • Enable you to purchase new, clean numbers as needed, such as if numbers are flagged as spam

Additionally, Ricochet360’s robust API system validates if phone numbers have been flagged as spam or not.

How Can I Find My Attestation Rating?

At Ricochet360, we can help you determine your current attestation rating and help you incorporate strategies for ensuring your customers are reached. If you are already experiencing blocked calls as a result of STIR/SHAKEN, or are noticing a decrease in contact rates, our team has the expertise to improve the health of your phone numbers so that you can continue to grow your business.

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