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Real Estate Lead Management, Faster & Easier Than Ever!

The Fast, Simple Outbound Dialer & CRM for Real Estate Agencies

Join the many real estate agencies across the U.S. who choose Ricochet360 for its speed, reliability, and ease of use. Ricochet360 maximizes your sales team’s productivity. Ricochet360 real estate dialer & CRM combines the fastest dialer with a comprehensive CRM and lead management system to help you sell more effectively. Automate 95% of your sales workflow!

Boost Sales Productivity with Our Cloud Phone System & Auto Dialer

Ricochet360's Phone System and Dialers save agents time while increasing contact and conversion rates. Ricochet360's Predictive Dialer will set your sales team up for success. Make more calls in less time, maximizing productivity with no extra effort (in fact, it's less!).

The Simple Dialer for Real Estate Agents, CRM & Lead Management System

Streamline sales and deliver a better customer experience. Easily manage all your prospects, calls, emails and more with Ricochet360's easy-to-use, full-featured contact and lead management system. Increase contact rates to convert online prospects to sales. Your sales team will be able to build trust & rapport with prospects.

Marketing Automation Drives New Business

Ricochet360 helps nurture the real estate leads in your pipeline with industry-specific templates. Streamline time-consuming marketing and sales tasks with intelligent call, email and SMS campaigns that directly integrate with Ricochet360.

Ricochet360 Is the Dialer, Real Estate CRM & Lead Management System You Need to Grow Your Agency

Contact Leads FAST

Use the fastest commercial dialer available. Call leads in less than one second and make more connections.

Tap the POWER

Ricochet360's CRM & lead management system provides an easy-to-use, powerful, scalable, and secure solution.

Perform with RELIABILITY

Our redundant, scalable, hosted cloud solution offers 99.9% uptime, so you’ll almost always be able to sell.

Configure Your Ideal Real Estate Dialer & CRM

Ricochet360: the Flexible Real Estate Agent's Lead Management System


Use Ricochet360's marketing automation to generate more leads and close more deals. Use drip email campaigns to stay top-of-mind, keep in touch and generate more engagement with prospects.


Capitalize on automated, targeted SMS campaigns. With Text Messaging you can automatically send SMS messages to new leads when they first arrive or when a lead’s status changes. You can also receive text messages when contacts don’t answer your call on their cell phone.


Social Link will import the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Google+ profile information, allowing you to gain insights on consumers’ interests. It also allows you to engage them easily.


Increase your call pickup rates with consumers by having a local area code & number everywhere you call nationwide. $1 per area code additional charges apply.


Motivate your users and track their results using our gamification dashboard and agent notifications. Sort by call duration or volume of phone calls. As your agents compete, watch your performance improve overnight!


Monitor calls in real-time as they come into the phone system. Track your talk time and abandonment rates while you record or listen to live calls (and much more).


Agents can always leave the right message at the right time using Perfect Voicemail. Save your agents time leaving messages with every call, and ensure they always deliver a well-crafted message. With the click of a button, you can generate more returned calls quickly.


Want to generate more callbacks without heavy lifting? Who doesn't? You can leave your prospect a message without their phone ever ringing or you needing to make a call! Ricochet360 has partnered with third party providers to integrate Ringless Voicemail.


Create chat groups to update your teams on new initiatives or rules. Chat directly in real-time with employees or colleagues during or after calls.


Automatically distribute incoming leads to your sales teams and create custom tags to mark each incoming lead by source, type or custom classifications.


Clean or “scrub” your inbound leads for numbers on Federal, State and DMA Do Not Call Registry (DNC) lists. Avoid negative reviews and costly penalties.


Direct mail is still a crucial marketing channel for many businesses. Create and manage direct mail advertising campaigns. Target specific leads and personalize messages.


Create forms for your partners that enable them to collect lead submissions, and then you can track their referrals through to the Ricochet360 CRM.


Deploy Ricochet360 with a managed enterprise hosting solution that is reliable, secure, and scalable in your own dedicated environment.

Real Estate Outbound Dialer, CRM & Lead Management System

Ricochet360's cloud-based contact centers are easy to deploy, fast, reliable and powerful. Ricochet360 is the all-in-one call center software solution for real estate agencies.

Speed matters — beat your competitors to real estate leads.

With our patent-pending fast dialer technology, you’ll contact leads in less than 1 second. Easily make more connections in less time.

Automate everything — turn every agent into a sales superstar.

With one button push, each agent can perform dozens of actions: initiate multiple drip campaigns to real estate leads, update analytics and place the next call with call automation.

Go all-in-one — stop hassling with multiple systems and downtime.

Ricochet360 is an all-in-one sales platform: phone system, lead management, auto dialer and automation. Your team can intelligently call, email, and text every real estate lead, tracking results automatically. All with 99.9% uptime.

5 Star Review

College Hunks Hauling Junk

I would definitely recommend Ricochet360 to any company that is looking to make the most of every lead and drive revenue.  Capturing our missed leads through Ricochet has brought in millions of dollars in system-wide revenue for us and was the reason College Hunks went over $100 million in system-wide revenue in 2018!  Ricochet has made a clear and measurable difference in our bottom line.


Doug O’Dowd CFO

American Auto Title Loan

I wanted to say “thanks” for being so patient, helpful and informative with the American Auto Title Loan team. You’re quite the pros and each time we have a call with you, we leave feeling more comforted & knowledgeable than before! You are awesome and we’re grateful to be working with you.

American Auto Title Loan

On Q Financial

At On Q Financial, we have loved using Ricochet360 to manage our lending teams’ leads. The platform is easy to use, has a simple design and top tier communication tools. It has increased our efficiency and helps us close more loans.

On Q Financial
Ben Holland

Anthony Aguilar

Great staff, great product… Ricochet is the best all in one on the market. I was literally using 3 different systems before I made the switch. Highly recommend!

Anthony A.



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