Benefits Of Automating Your Text Messages  

Text messaging has become a great way to connect and engage with customers. It is an easy, quick, and efficient way to reach customers with little effort. Evidently, most people open their text messages within a few seconds of receiving them. With the high usage of mobile phones, text and SMS campaigns prove to be a direct impact of higher engagement, thus impacting your conversion rates.  Here are four benefits as to why you should automate your text and SMS campaigns as they are one of the strongest tactics in any marketing program.

Effectively Target Campaigns or Channels

Many businesses often run multiple marketing campaigns, simultaneously. This means targeting the right demographic for each campaign is critical. With automation, you can choose which channels or vendors are to receive your campaigns. The messages in your campaign can always be personalized for each customer or prospect. Furthermore, automated messages can be deployed with landing pages, allowing that user or visitor to immediately visit your storefront or homepage. This can ultimately result in higher conversion rates with your leads. Overall, text and SMS campaigns are relatively quick and simple to set up, allowing for more time to develop other marketing campaigns.

Save Time With Templates

Ideally, deploying text and SMS campaigns should not be a daunting or time-consuming task. Manually sending out messages to different clients gets tedious quickly. Depending on your marketing system, you may automate your text message campaigns with pre-created templates for quicker delivery. These are great for responding to commonly asked questions and inquiries and can be customized for any channel or vertical. Deliver important information, such as contact information, addresses, documentations, and sales information with ease. 

Respond Quickly  

While people can be impatient, having a quick response time is essential to reaching consumers. The workday can get pretty busy and everyone has the time to quickly respond to messages throughout the day. Automating text messages eliminates this problem. Agents can respond to customers within seconds using standard automated messages. These standard messages can be customized to fit the exact needs of your customer demographics. Ricochet360 allows users, like you, to see the messages that come in through notifications and on-screen windows. Be in-the-know without having to manually send out messages. Save your time and energy, and increase your productivity altogether.

Drip Intervals

Drip campaigns are super effective and are also highly used in text & SMS campaigns. Automating text messages allows for certain messages to be sent out at desired intervals. Much like how drip campaigns send out emails at desired intervals. This is a great way to connect with different prospects, across the different audiences or industries you are targeting. For example, if a person does not engage with the first message. Another message can be sent out a few hours later, a day later, or even a week later. Customized sequential drips are great for sales agents. Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, work is still getting done, and prospects still need to be answered. Automating text messages allows for constant communication. This will lead to higher engagement, more connections, and ultimately more sales.

Automation Is The Way To Go

People are constantly on their phones and sending out text messages is a great way to reach customers. Automating this process saves a great deal of time and energy and allows you to focus on other important tasks while still being productive in reaching prospects. Ricochet360’s automated text messaging system is a powerful system that implements all of the listed features. Enhance your team’s productivity without doing all the menial tasks.

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