Speed to Contact announced VOIP handset integration with Ricochet, the company’s CRM and cloud phone system.

Ricochet users now have freedom of choice between VOIP handsets, mobile devices, and computers with headsets using WebRTC. Clients who already own VOIP equipment can leverage investment in their existing VOIP hardware by adding tools that maximize agent productivity, deliver a better customer experience and enable improved management oversight. Integrating Ricochet with a VOIP phone system enables detailed instant views of inbound or outbound contacts. Ricochet saves agents’ time and allows them to focus on talking to the customer, not searching for information during the call. By automatically displaying relevant information for each call, users can provide higher quality customer interactions. Ricochet also collects real-time performance data, which managers can review to gain valuable insight.

“Many businesses choose Ricochet because it’s an all-in-one system,” said Beau Bratton, CEO, Speed to Contact. “And now it can be even more of a hub as we include more hardware flexibility.”

To reduce costs, companies are choosing VoIP systems over traditional phone service, especially in industries like banking, financial services, and education. With the rapid adoption of broadband internet over the past five years, demand for VOIP has grown by almost 10%.

“Everyone is looking for competitive advantages that lead to growth”, added Mr. Bratton. “We’re building out Ricochet to give our customers more ways to reach their goals.”

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