Speed to Contact is pleased to announce the launch of the new Ricochet Mobile app for iOS and Android.

Ricochet is an all-in-one sales solution, including a fast dialer, cloud phone system, rich lead management system, and flexible marketing automation platform. Ricochet Mobile extends the reach of the platform from the desktop, helping sales and customer service teams remain productive from virtually anywhere. With Ricochet Mobile, users can take and place calls, view and update lead information, and schedule tasks – with fast, easy access to all available data at once.

“Speed to Contact focuses on solutions that enable agents to contact more leads in less time,” said Beau Bratton, CEO, Speed to Contact. “We designed Ricochet Mobile to boost productivity for our users who need to be away from their desks. Agents will be even faster and more agile than before.”

Mobile usage trends continue their ascent. Over three-quarters of users access the internet using both desktop and mobile. Since contacting leads first results in dramatically higher sales conversion, agents’ mobile access naturally creates more opportunities.

“Our customers asked for a mobile solution, and we are delighted to fulfill that request”, added Mr. Bratton. “We’ll continue building tools that enhance productivity and power sales conversions.”

Ricochet Mobile for iOS is a free download on the App Store. An Android app will follow.

Ricochet by Speed to Contact

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