All-In-One Mortgage CRM & Mortgage Lead Management Software

Dial & Manage Mortgage Leads Faster Than Ever.

The Fast, Simple Mortgage CRM

Ricochet360 combines the fastest dialer with a comprehensive mortgage CRM and marketing automation platform to help your mortgage team contact borrowers more effectively. Our mortgage lead management software enables lenders like you to contact and nurture leads efficiently by automating the entire workflow. Call, email, text, and follow up with less effort from your loan officers.

Ricochet360’s Mortgage CRM Drives More Deals

Make More Contacts with Less Effort

Ricochet360’s Dialer maximizes your mortgage team’s productivity. Call borrowers in under one second, and create automated follow up strategies for perfect call cadences.

Close More Loans with Ricochet360 CRM

Sell effectively with less work. Design a repeatable process for every borrower to experience. Ensure your loan officers use a smart communication strategy and provide a consistent message to help increase funding opportunities.

Nurture Deals with Automation

Ricochet360 can automate 95% of your loan officers workflow. Marketing automation helps you stay in touch with borrowers using drip email and SMS campaigns.

Ricochet360: High-Performance Mortgage CRM

Get Up & Running Faster

Onboarding with Ricochet360 is highly automated. You will spend hours, not weeks, getting everything set up.

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory compliance requirements with corporate standard workflows and communications.

Maximize Results using Analytics

Ricochet360’s analytics shows key metrics, from granular to high levels so you can make better decisions.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With Ricochet360’s 99.9% uptime and redundant back-end processing, you won’t suffer through outages.

Customize Ricochet360 to Be Your Ideal Mortgage CRM


Use Ricochet360’s marketing automation to generate more leads and fund more deals. Use drip email campaigns to stay top-of-mind, keep in touch and generate more engagement with borrowers.


Capitalize on automated, targeted SMS campaigns. With Text Messaging you can automatically send SMS messages to new leads when they first arrive or when a lead’s status changes. You can also receive text messages when contacts don’t answer your call on their cell phone.


Social Link will import the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Google+ profile information, allowing you to gain insights on consumers’ interests. It also allows you to engage them easily.


Motivate your loan officers and track their results using our gamification dashboard and agent notifications. Sort by call duration or volume of phone calls. As your loan officers compete, watch your performance improve overnight!


Increase your call pickup rates with consumers by having a local area code & number everywhere you call nationwide. $1 per area code additional charges apply.


Monitor calls in real-time as they come into the phone system. Track your talk time and abandonment rates while you record or listen to live calls (and much more).


Loan officers can always leave the right message at the right time using Perfect Voicemail. Save your LO’s time leaving messages with every call, and ensure they always deliver a well-crafted message. With the click of a button, you can generate more returned calls quickly.


Want to generate more callbacks without heavy lifting? Who doesn’t? You can leave your prospect a message without their phone ever ringing or you needing to make a call! Ricochet360 has partnered with third party providers to integrate Ringless Voicemail.*
* Separate third party agreement required.


Prevent users from accessing your account from anywhere but your white-listed IP addresses.


Automatically distribute incoming leads to your sales teams and create custom tags to mark each incoming lead by source, type or custom classifications.


Clean or “scrub” your inbound leads for numbers on Federal, State and DMA Do Not Call Registry (DNC) lists. Avoid negative reviews and costly penalties.


Direct mail is still a crucial marketing channel for many businesses. Create and manage direct mail advertising campaigns. Target specific leads and personalize messages.


Create forms for your partners that enable them to collect lead submissions, and then you can track their referrals through to the Ricochet360 CRM.


Chat in real time with prospects and team members to accelerate sales. Customize Ricochet360 to control the chat experience for your customers and your team.



See how you can grow your Mortgage company using Ricochet360

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