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LeadMailbox Integration

LeadMailbox Integrates with the Fastest Commercial Dialer!

How Does LeadMailbox Dialer Integration Work?

Connect to LeadMailbox leads faster. With a simple webhook integration, Ricochet’s patent pending fast dialing technology will help your sales team’s productivity.

Start Calling Your LeadMailbox Leads in Under 1 Second!

Ricochet’s Cloud Phone System & Predictive Dialer will set your sales team up for success. Make more calls in less time, maximizing productivity with no extra effort (in fact, it’s less!). A combination of motivated agents, smarter calls, and receptive customers can help drive sales. You increase both the quantity and quality of calls, which ultimately leads to better revenue.

When it comes to lead response calling, time is absolutely of the essence. A Harvard Business Review study analyzed 1.25 million sales leads from 42 B2C and B2B companies. The study found that contacting leads within an hour after receiving a prospect query was 7 times more likely to qualify the lead than calls made even one hour later—and over 60 times more likely than companies that waited 24 hours or longer.

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Contacting your leads quickly is essential to managing a great performing lead campaign, Ricochet automates the whole dialing process for you so you get a call out on every lead instantly recommend you give it a try.
Rick Doyle, President,
I am amazed how fast we have been able to get back to our leads. Within a second of a web form being submitted, the lead management CRM is calling the lead and our sales team. As soon as we launched Ricochet, our lead to contact rate shot up.
Jason W.

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