Timing is critical, especially when you work with customers looking to purchase quickly. Insurance is one of the most competitive markets in the industry. With our state-of-the-art marketing automation, Ricochet360 makes it easier to connect when timing is essential.

Five Reasons You Need Marketing Automation in Your Insurance Agency

Reason 1: You Need to Move Quickly
In this day and age, is there really such a thing as an exclusive lead?

(For those of you wondering, the answer yes – but they usually take a big chunk out of your monthly advertising budget)

However, marketing automation is a critical component of successfully connecting with prospects before your competitors. When timing is essential, an automated text message or email can make a significant difference in reaching your customers.

Imagine that as soon as a lead hits your Ricochet360 system, you’re able to automatically trigger a text message. Not only can it confirm to the customer that you’ve received their information, but it can also increase the chances of picking up the phone since they know you’ll be reaching out.

Reason 2: Create “The Trifecta” to Boost Contact Rates

When an unusual phone number shows up, most people are unlikely to answer. Unfortunately, with the rise of spammy calls, it can feel more strenuous to get prospects to pick up the phone. Ricochet360’s marketing automation feature is ideal when it comes to helping insurance agencies increase their contact rates. 

In addition to outbound dialing, text messaging and email marketing campaigns create three unique ways to contact customers. A large majority of agency owners have reported an increase in contacts when their phone calls are automatically preceded by or followed up with a text message or email.

Reason 3: Clear Time in Your Schedule

Typing, whether from your computer or directly from your cell phone, takes time (thank goodness that we’ve all moved on from the multi-tap texting method). However, knowing that specific text and email templates will trigger based on specified criteria is immensely helpful to busy staff members.

Not only does this keep them from needing to type something out to each prospect, but automated marketing also helps your team from needing to constantly think of something unique to say each time. 


Choose five friends to send this message to:

“I forgot to pick up milk at the store today, and now I can’t make what I wanted to for dinner!”

However, the trick is that (a) you can’t copy/paste it (b) you need to type it to all five people in under 60 seconds.

Can you do it? We’ll wait.

Reason 4: Stay in Compliance

One of the most beneficial parts of marketing automation is helping businesses stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. Rather than wondering if a lead has been opted out, there is even more automation going on behind the scenes.

With Ricochet360, there are measures set in place for email and text unsubscribe options that allow prospects to opt-out on their own. This additional safeguard prevents sending out additional messaging that helps you avoid potentially litigious actions (i.e. – TCPA violations).

Follow-Up is in the Bag

Following up can be a pain – especially for busy insurance professionals who sell and service hundreds of customers. Rather than have your staff manually touching base with prospects and customers, automated follow-up messaging makes it easy to stay on top of communication. Creating streamlined templates for texts and emails based on your specifications helps your team continue to connect, regardless of how busy they are.

How is Ricochet360 Different?

Rather than piecemeal services together, Ricochet360’s all-in-one platform streamlines your team’s daily activities – including text and email marketing automation. We understand that running an insurance business is busy. That’s why our goal is to simplify your workflows by automating daily or repetitive tasks for you.

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