The ICMI 2017 Contact Center Expo and Conference, held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL from May 22-25, focused on the theme of “Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences in a Complex and Changing World.” It provided executives, managers and supervisors from every type of customer care operation an in-depth educational opportunity to better understand how to:

  • Leverage the most efficacious technologies
  • Deliver higher levels of service across all the channels that customers now prefer
  • Find the best ways to balance people, processes, and automation

The event offered a multifaceted educational program as well as a diverse marketplace to review the latest products and services. The program included a variety of training and networking opportunities, case studies, and site tours of local contact centers, Including such landmark operations as the Walt Disney World Reservations Center and Jet Blue University.

In addition to seeing live demos and obtaining product information from nearly 75 solution providers, professionals enjoyed social events in and out of the exhibit hall. All attendees were invited to a an opening night Expo Hall Bash, a Lunch and Learn session which featured an innovative Food Truck Rally, as well as an Award Party celebrating finalists and winners of the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards.

Among the primary topics discussed by speakers were technology planning, performance evaluation and training social media and live chat and how to best work with millennials.

CRMXchange spoke with a number of exhibitors onsite to learn more about their latest solutions and gain insight on where they felt the market was heading.


Speed to Contact at ICMI 2017 Contact Center Expo and Conference

Speed to Contact describes itself as an “emerging global provider of fast and efficient enterprise call center software. ”Businesses can deploy all of their Ricochet solution’s system components — ultra-fast Predictive Dialer, CRM, Marketing Automation, Inbound Lead Tracking — or can integrate Ricochet with their existing systems.

Beau Bratton, the company’s Founder and Managing Partner, takes a leadership role in all aspects of the product vision including design, development, sales and marketing.

How does your Custom Call Routing capability enable companies to quickly get leads from a variety of channels into the hands of the best qualified agents?

Web leads can get routed by priority to different team members based on any of the lead field criteria. A simple example is that we can route calls to the “A Team” if the monetary value of a field was greater than $100,000 and the “B Team” is the monetary amount was lower than 100,000; or by vendor, state, credit grade, multiple data points. The options are limitless. Inbound callbacks can ring the whole team on a hunt, or round robin, or the system can ring the user that owns the lead, or who called it last. We also can look up the number to detect the state and then route the call to a licensed agent in that state. In addition,there is routing by team, branch, agent, or number with fail-over options as well. When you include that with a Screen Pop of the lead information you get the right person on the phone with the information at their fingertips immediately.

Can you explain the ways your contact center scripting applications helps businesses develop personalized and relevant communications with their customers?

Our dynamic scripting can be different depending on the user, the source, or even a tag on a lead. Therefore, a business can personalize it to the consumer’s experience. You can also bring in the lead data into the scripting dynamically and it can process formulas for the agents to figure out financials. Also with the ability to add HTML clients can create interactive scripting experiences with colors, i-frames, images, or even videos. Lead forms and surveys can be embedded into the scripting and our tree-based system allows clients to create a true sales workflow. If the consumer says o with the ability to add HTML clients can create interactive scripting experiences with colors, i-frames, images, or even videos. Lead forms and surveys can be embedded into the scripting and our tree-based system allows clients to create a true sales workflow. If the consumer says ‘yes,’ the agent clicks yes and it will take him/her to the next section.

What tools does Ricochet Social Media Links put in agents’ hands to provide ready-to-use customer information?

We bring in data including the photo, title, location, description and link to their social profile from over 4 sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This helps the agent find commonality or touch points to bring up and feather into the conversation. Also, in many cases it provides the ability to interact through those other mediums with the consumer.

What tangible advantages does having the ability to send automated text messages offer to help businesses deliver an improved customer experience?

At this point in time, many consumers will not answer their phone but will reply to a text message on their mobile device. Having automated drip SMS campaigns and SM-enabled numbers creates a huge increase in contact rates and interactions.

What elements make your solution superior to other available offerings on the market?

It’s all in the name. At Speed to Contact our biggest advantage is speed. If a company buys web leads/internet leads it’s incredibly important to call them quickly before the consumer contacts someone else or is contacted by someone else. Our patent pending process for calling web leads is the fastest in the industry. Finally, many companies have too many logins and too many systems to use, which causes difficulty in aggregating solid, dependable reporting and integration of processes and data across different systems. We believe Speed to Contact provides one of the most robust all-in-one systems on the market which streamlines reporting, systems and logins in to one easy to use platform.


This article originally appeared on CRMXchange.