How To Improve Leads For Your Real Estate and Mortgage Business

Generating new customers is a crucial part of any real estate and mortgage business. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity. Here are a few tips for how to gain large numbers of high-quality leads that are more likely to result in new business.

1. Have a Well-Trained Customer Service Team

If using a customer service team to contact consumers in your area, make sure and take the time to have them trained. Many companies try and take short cuts on training, which will only result in a scattered team. But when employees are properly informed of the business, have scripts to follow, and there is a smooth workflow in place, they can be more effective with connecting your business with the best leads.

2. Use Customer Reviews

If someone can visualize themself buying property from you or using your business, they are more likely to actually do it. This is where reviews can help – place any client reviews on the homepage of your website where it’s easy for someone to read and therefore imagine themselves as that client. Reviews are also a great way for your real estate and mortgage business to build and maintain its reputation.

3. Automate Your Marketing

Reaching potential customers via email and text messages can be powerful when the right marketing strategy is in place. With marketing automation solutions, you can create consistent, targeted drip campaigns and status-driven contact points to keep leads engaged and converted to clients.

4. Use Social Media Integration

Social media integration tools enable you to gather all profile information and analytics from your various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. You’ll then be able to gain insights into your consumers’ interests and engage them more easily.

5. Network

Networking might seem like an outdated marketing strategy, but it’s still very effective at generating high-quality leads. And while it doesn’t need to be your main source for lead generation, it can still help to attend a community networking event every quarter.

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