How to Improve Leads for Your Insurance Business

Ready to sell more effectively and automate workflow by 95%? Here are five easy ways to improve leads for your insurance agency business.

1. Emal Marketing Drip Automation

Drip email campaigns make sure your insurance agency stays top-of-mind and increases engagement. Marketing automation also makes it possible to contact a large number of leads and close more deals in a short period of time.

2. Insurance-Specific Templates

The next time you send an email campaign, use templates that are specific to the insurance agency industry. You’ll spend less time creating newsletters and more time connecting with leads. Newsletter and marketing templates can directly integrate with your Ricochet360 CRM.

3. Text Messaging

Automated, targeted text messaging campaigns make it easy to contact new leads the moment they arrive. If a lead doesn’t answer a call, you and your team can also receive text messages, helping you stay updated on the contact status.

4. Referral Tracking

Referral tracking enables you and your team to collect any and all lead submissions in one place.

5. Predictive Dialer

Set your sales team up for the ultimate level of success with lead contact rates. Progressive dialers enable you to make more calls in far less time, maximizing productivity without sacrificing call quality.

Ready To Grow Your Insurance Business?

Ricochet360 combines the fastest dialer with a comprehensive insurance CRM and Marketing Automation system to help your team contact leads more effectively. Contact and nurture high-quality leads by automating the entire workflow from beginning to end. Call, email, text, and follow up with less effort than ever.