About Mortgage News Network

Mortgage News Network was born out of necessity. It is no longer possible to tell the story of the mortgage industry, or of any industry for that matter, simply in print. Media has evolved into a truly interactive and engaging method of reaching target audiences, engaging multiple senses, stirring emotions and influencing behavior. The rise of the internet in general, and video content in particular, has changed the way in which humans communicate, companies market and advertise to customers and how customers make decisions about what to buy, and from whom to buy it. MNN was founded to offer mortgage industry firms both a resource for news and information as well as a platform for telling their story and sharing their views directly, and in person.

MNN’s mission is to use the power of video to compliment the written word and inform, educate, enable and empower mortgage professionals with the most relevant, up-to-date information and advances in the mortgage industry. It is our goal to offer worthwhile information to our viewers, while delivering it with the utmost professionalism.