Dial Smarter, Not Harder

Granular control over your calling traffic lets customers easily manage their outbound calling limit per number per day and lessen the risk of being flagged as spam or getting numbers blocked.

Dial with confidence. A level attestation with Ricochet360.

Risk Rating

Spam Guru Risk Rating collects data from multiple sources to generate an aggregate health score that predicts the likelihood of being flagged as spam. Risk Ratings range from 0 to 100 (0 being the lowest) and are placed into buckets of Low, Moderate, and High Risk scores.

The system automatically alerts subscribers when a number is marked as High Risk and allows them to take action in just a few clicks.

Purchase New Numbers As Needed

When your numbers get flagged, your reputation is tarnished. With Spam Guru, you can automate monitoring the health of all your phone numbers, and easily purchase more phone numbers as needed.

DNC Solutions

Our DNC Scrubber solutions allow customers to create custom filters based on: lead age, lead status (including do-not-call), lead vendor, and more. Easily customize your filters to exclude phone numbers on the Federal DNC list.