Why You Need A CRM Software

When it comes to lead management, organization is truly a must. There are a lot of parts that go into managing leads. Numerous salespeople and business professionals will find themselves struggling to follow up with leads and failing to prioritize the right activities in their day-to-day. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes into play. Simply, a CRM can help alleviate concerns and fix organizational problems. But what can a proper CRM actually do for your business?

What a CRM Can Do For Your Business

For starters, a CRM software serves as a platform that stores contacts, activities, schedules meetings, and opportunities for an agency and business. This makes everything easy to find. It is important to understand that this information can be accessed from multiple locations. With this data in the system, a sales team can efficiently plan and manage their time to be the most productive. This takes the element of planning out of the day, resulting in more time spent with different clients, closing on more sales, and growing more relationships.

Organization is a key element to a CRM software, but it can also help streamline the entire sales process. CRMs are a useful tool that can process orders and prepare information for customers. This, again, eliminates some of the heavy-lifting your sales team does. CRMs are loaded with customer information. Meaning that your team can analyze and target the needs of customers more accurately. Helping build strong, lasting customer relationships is key to retaining business.

Ricochet360 CRM & Lead Management System?

Whether it be small, medium, or enterprise-sized businesses, there are a lot of CRMs out there for companies to use. However, Ricochet360’s CRM is the perfect platform to help jumpstart your organization of leads and perform heavy-lifting sales and marketing tasks. Ricochet360’s CRM software has many features that a full agency or business can take full advantage of. We offer customizable lead management, personalized options, and a fully functional integrated system. On top of this, our software allows agents to engage with prospects with automated text messages and emails, via Marketing Automation. Send relevant messages that will generate calls, responses, and emails when you are out of the office.

Furthermore, our software allows lead capturing and tracking. Capture leads from any lead form or partner using our API. Our tools are easy to use, which can draw immediate results in a fairly quick amount of time. Leads and prospects are contacted quickly and consistently with the pairing of our Auto Dialer feature. Automate 95% of the workflow without agents having to physically dial.

See The Complete Picture

Ricochet360’s CRM software outshines competing programs.  Improve your sales productivity with our exclusive features. Get organized and never miss an opportunity. Ricochet360 aims to make your work life easier. We take the time and energy to make our software and features perfect for you. Experience the power with our all within one software.