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If you’re looking for helpful information about call centers and the technology to make them more effective, we’ve assembled a collection of our best articles.

All You Need To Know About Auto Dialers

All You Need to Know About Auto Dialers What is an Auto Dialer An Auto Dialer, according to Federal Regulations, is equipment that has the capacity to store or produce telephone numbers to be called using a random or sequential number generator to dial such numbers. As of April 1st, 2021, businesses are permitted to contact consumers on their cell phones via call or text, without consent under federal law and the new TCPA ruling. This can be done as long as they are certain that their auto dialing system lacks the capacity to store or generate sequential phone numbers. The new ruling, however, only clarifies one piece of the TCPA: the Automatic Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) definition. Therefore any pre-recorded calls, IVR, ringless voicemails, and DNC calls are still subject to the TCPA and will still require written consent. How Do Auto Dialers Work? The purpose of using an auto dialer is to increase team efficiency, maximize agent talk time, and engage your customers. How exactly an auto dialer works in accomplishing these key elements will depend on the specific auto dialer you are utilizing. Types of Auto Dialers Auto Dialer Features Advantages of Auto Dialers Agents spend a substantial amount of their workday connecting with different prospects. Using an auto dialer software alleviates the amount of time spent manually dialing prospects and leads, saving them time and ultimately costs. Additionally, agents can monitor which calls were answered by prospects, or went to voicemails. As mentioned, calls that are answered are then connected to the agent. From there, agents can speak to their prospects directly and work on the rest of their sales process. Indeed, an Auto Dialer helps [...]

November 9th, 2021|

What Can Predictive Dialer Systems Do?

What Can Predictive Dialer Systems Do? A robust predictive dialer system can be beneficial to any agency, company, and the like. They include a wide set of features that increase productivity and smoothen out workflows for any agency or sales team. Originally, predictive dialer systems aided call centers in keeping operators busy while reducing the number of calls lost due to no one being available. Since then, these systems have vastly improved and have changed the way an agency, sales team, and call center manage their day-to-day operations.? What Is A Predictive Dialer System?   A predictive dialer system is a calling software that automatically dials numbers from a specific list. When the system registers a connection, it immediately transfers the call to an active agent. This might sound a lot like a traditional auto dialer software, but there are some key standouts. Predictive dialer systems are indeed intelligent. For instance, when a call center is busy, the system will slow or stop altogether with its outreach of finding calls until more agents become available. With the idea of calling as many leads as possible, the system quickly moves onto the next lead after an unanswered call. What Industries Use Predictive Dialer Systems? These systems can be used in a wide variety of industries. Most commonly, the telemarketing and call center industry is most associated with predictive dialer systems, however, the system is not just limited to that. Those in insurance, banking, and even marketing can all benefit from using a predictive dialer system. It truly is becoming more prevalent across many industries and businesses. Predictive Dialers Overall Using a predictive dialer system can change the way agencies and companies operate. They increase productivity while maximizing an agent's talk time. Since predictive dialers anticipate when an agent is available for [...]

April 21st, 2021|

Why You Need A CRM Software

Why You Need A CRM Software When it comes to lead management, organization is truly a must. There are a lot of parts that go into managing leads. Numerous salespeople and business professionals will find themselves struggling to follow up with leads and failing to prioritize the right activities in their day-to-day. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes into play. Simply, a CRM can help alleviate concerns and fix organizational problems. But what can a proper CRM actually do for your business? What a CRM Can Do For Your Business For starters, a CRM software serves as a platform that stores contacts, activities, schedules meetings, and opportunities for an agency and business. This makes everything easy to find. It is important to understand that this information can be accessed from multiple locations. With this data in the system, a sales team can efficiently plan and manage their time to be the most productive. This takes the element of planning out of the day, resulting in more time spent with different clients, closing on more sales, and growing more relationships. Organization is a key element to a CRM software, but it can also help streamline the entire sales process. CRMs are a useful tool that can process orders and prepare information for customers. This, again, eliminates some of the heavy-lifting your sales team does. CRMs are loaded with customer information. Meaning that your team can analyze and target the needs of customers more accurately. Helping build strong, lasting customer relationships is key to retaining business. Ricochet360 CRM & Lead Management System? Whether it be small, medium, or enterprise-sized businesses, there are a lot of CRMs out there for companies to use. However, Ricochet360’s CRM is the perfect platform to help jumpstart your organization of leads and [...]

April 7th, 2021|

Which Cloud Phone System Is The Best?

Which Cloud Phone System Is The Best?   There are many options to choose from when it comes to cloud phones. A lot of these systems offer a variety of features, but none offer the full-service, robust Cloud Phone System like Ricochet360 does. We will be highlighting our own Cloud Phone System, and explaining its benefits. Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems: Connect From Anywhere  Connection is not limited to just the office. With a cloud phone system, users can make their calls anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. In today's world being able to connect anywhere is crucial to having a productive workday. Work wherever you need to be. All that’s needed is a stable and reliable internet connection. Reduce Your Expenses   Installation is virtually nonexistent when it comes to cloud phone systems. Unlike traditional landlines, cloud phones are not bounded by wires and limitations. This ultimately saves on costs such as installation and maintenance.  Scaling Made Easy  When it comes to adding or removing people from the system, it’s super easy. Whatever your business needs are, changing who has access to cloud phones can be done fast and efficiently. Deliver Excellent Service   Cloud phone systems aim to improve the process of making connections with different prospects. Cloud phones allow the most qualified agents the ability to talk to high-profile customers. Easily assign your best, to take the most important calls coming into your business. Increase in Sales   With smarter calls, cloud phones make the process of connecting with customers a lot easier. This means agents will be more motivated and will provide the best customer service, which can drive higher contact and conversion rates, and ultimately more sales.   Easy Set-Up As mentioned, cloud phone systems are not wired to the wall. There [...]

March 24th, 2021|

What Can Progressive Dialer Systems Do?

What Can Progressive Dialer Systems Do? A sophisticated progressive dialer can be beneficial to any company, sales team, agency, and more.  They have a lot of features that make a sales agent’s day run a lot smoother. Progressive dialers are used to help agents avoid the hassle of manually dialing customers’ phone numbers, and run through your lead lists across based on the tempo of your operations. Furthermore, they have a lot of other features that can prove to be impactful to your business. What Can Progressive Dialers Really Do? As mentioned earlier, progressive dialers spurt through your campaign lead lists as it automatically dials for you. This is a useful tool as it can save major time for sales agents which can ultimately increase call and talk time. With that, progressive dialers will wait for the sales agent or representative to finish their current call before dialing the next one on the list. This is where progressive dialers differ from predictive dialers. Most importantly, progressive dialers have other useful features as well.  One huge benefit that progressive dialers can do is match local phone numbers. This means when an agent is making an outbound call, the person receiving the call will show a number with the same area code or a nearby location, contacting them. Recognizable numbers can ultimately make more connections.  Additionally, progressive dialers allow for call monitoring, call recording, and call analytics. Managers and sales agents are able to see how calls went and see if their campaigns are working. Call monitoring is a great tool for training purposes. Team managers can listen in on a call to provide coaching or feedback if necessary.  Call recordings allow agents to identify areas of improvement. Call analytics provide a clear understanding of how a team is performing. What [...]

March 10th, 2021|

Why You Need an Auto Dialer System

Why You Need an Auto Dialer System What is an auto dialer? An auto dialer system is a great way to ramp up your team's productivity. There are numerous advantages to implement this type of system into your business. An auto dialer system is a software that queues numbers from a list and dials them automatically. They serve to connect the salesperson to their prospects and leads, in an efficient manner. It’s important to mention that using an auto dialer system has plenty more features than just calling prospects. Benefits Of Utilizing An Auto Dialer   Agents spend a substantial amount of their workday connecting with different prospects. Using an auto dialer software alleviates the amount of time spent manually dialing prospects and leads, saving them time and ultimately costs. Additionally, agents can monitor which calls were answered by prospects, or went to voicemails. As mentioned calls that are answered are then connected to the agent. From there, agents can speak to their prospects directly and work on the rest of their sales process. Indeed, an Auto Dialer helps agents reach and connect better with their prospects and leads. Beneficially, agent performance is increased with the amount of time saved, thus picking up on other sales tasks outside the lines, as needed. What's the Best Auto Dialer System?   There are many options out there for companies to choose from. Surely, the different systems might offer a variety of features, tailored to any business needs. However, Ricochet360’s auto dialer system is the fastest dialer commercially available. With our system, agents can make 500+ calls per day while automating their email and text campaigns. Ricochet360’s goal is to increase productivity, efficiency, and conversion rates among sales teams and agents. If you’re someone who struggles to reach out to different clients, Ricochet360 makes [...]

February 24th, 2021|

Why Your Marketing Should Be Automated

Why Your Marketing Should Be Automated When it comes to running your business operations, there are a large variety of tasks that can indeed be overwhelming. Balancing and fulfilling crucial tasks that support the business growth may be a larger role in itself. There just does not seem to be sufficient time in the day to handle it all. Marketing, as large of a role and responsibility this is, can be automated. Marketing automation systems streamline a great deal of important marketing tasks, thus supporting your sales team on a day-to-day basis. What Is Marketing Automation? Starting with the basics marketing automation is a software and strategy that supports crucial tasks that build brand image, market products, and strengthen customer relationships, and more. Using marketing automation systems help save you time while effectively targeting and understanding consumer behaviors and needs. Furthermore, effective marketing automation software builds conversion rate. What Else Can It Do For Me? Automating your marketing is a great way to save time, money, and effort. A great marketing system will send out personalized messages, emails, and notices to the right customers and leads at the right time. You can effectively reach your entire consumer base without lifting a finger. Additionally, marketing automation also helps you understand the needs of your customers. As mentioned, automated messages can be personalized. This means emails can personally address customers using their names, specifying their needs, or incentivizing them. This makes customers feel appreciated and valued. Happy customers can ultimately lead to lasting relationships and repeat transactions. This is especially important for lead management and sales. If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed in the past by creating and deploying new campaigns, effective marketing automation software help alleviates this issue. They will continually send important information to customers, to keep them informed of [...]

February 10th, 2021|

Top Five Industries That Can Benefit From A Predictive Dialer System

Top Five Industries That Can Benefit From A Predictive Dialer System   Predictive dialers are an intelligent system that estimates when a person is free to supply them with another call. It provides a constant supply of calls maximizing a person's talk time while making last connections. They screen out unanswered calls, busy signals, invalid phone numbers, and answering machines. As a result, these systems save people a substantial amount of time and energy. So, who can benefit from a predictive dialer system? Here are five industries that should implement a predictive dialer system. 1. Telemarketing Industry   When someone works in the telemarketing industry they have a goal of increasing sales for their business. This means reaching many customers every day is important. Predictive dialers help a salesperson reach their goals. They streamline the process of connecting agents to different prospects. The system queues up calls while providing data that can aid a salesperson in their call. A predictive dialer can make any telemarketer’s day much more efficient. 2. Finance Industry Anyone in the banking industry knows how large the consumer base truly is. Connecting with customers daily needs to run smoothly. That's why predictive dialer systems are so beneficial to industries. It can handle the influx of calling customers each day. Not to mention, these systems can help keep informative records on the different customers. Predictive dialers help those in finance not become overwhelmed by their customer base. They stay on top and informed, thus performing better at their roles.  3. Insurance Companies   Much like the telemarketer industry, insurance companies rely on making connections with customers on an everyday basis.  Insurance agents need to have access to a supply of people they can talk to. Predictive dialer systems help agents make the connections they need. They can [...]

January 27th, 2021|

The Fastest Auto Dialer Commercially Available

The Fastest Auto Dialer Commercially Available Finding the fastest Auto Dialer Software for your business can be quite challenging. Auto dialer systems are widely used in a number of outbound call centers for sales or service calls. While they can save time and operational costs, there are a lot of options out there, and deciding which ones offer the best features for your business can be overwhelming. Auto dialers indeed, simplify this process for you. Maximize Your Call Time Utilizing Ricochet360’s Auto Dialer software will streamline your agency’s productivity at work. The goal is to make the calling process as simple and efficient for your team. Whenever calls are answered, the auto dialer runs an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or connects the call to the next available live agent. Without having to use traditional landlines, Ricochet360’s auto dialer automatically dials telephone numbers for agents, optimally paces dialing while also reducing the repetitive work of traditional landlines. Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Customer service is the backbone of your industry. It’s imperative that your agency delivers customer service that goes above and beyond the industry average. When it comes to managing your calls, auto dialer software enables you to assign your most qualified agents to lead the most crucial calls. Executing proactive communication and now have the ability to specifically assign calls can lead to a better customer experience overall. Call Data and Organization Auto dialer systems prioritize organization. When it comes to your agency’s data, our system handles it with the utmost care. Lead data, customer history, and callback information are all automatically organized, and easily accessed when needed. Therefore, your agents will always be on the phone at the right time with the right people, as often as possible. Access relevant information whenever it’s needed. Your sales team will [...]

January 13th, 2021|

Cloud Phone System: What Is It?

Cloud Phone System: What Is It?   A modern workplace calls for increased flexibility and productivity, and cloud phone systems keep up with these demands. So, what are cloud phone systems, how do they work, and are they phasing out traditional landlines? What Is A Cloud Phone System?   A cloud phone system allows users to make calls over the internet. There is no need for wires and optical fibers to make connections to potential prospects and leads. One huge benefit of these phone systems is that it can be used on a variety of devices. Users are not limited to single phones. They can be paired with phones, apps, computers, and so much more. Data and information surrounding the system are stored in the cloud. This means information can easily be accessible and is kept safe since the data is not necessarily tied to a single software. Cloud phone systems indeed, modernize the workplace. It appeals to many remote agents and sales teams across many companies. If you’re someone who works from home, travels, or stays in the office, cloud phone systems can truly benefit you. How Do Cloud Phone Systems Work? To some, it may seem very daunting. However, cloud phone systems are pretty straightforward. The phone services work as a group to route calls through the internet. Using this format dismisses the need for hardwired software on location. This ultimately saves businesses on expenses and costly maintenance procedures. All that’s needed is an internet connection. As you know, connecting to the internet is simple and can make work easier when it comes to taking calls.  What Can A Cloud Phone System Do?     There are a substantial amount of benefits that come with implementing cloud phones. One huge benefit is the ability to connect from anywhere. In today's [...]

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