Introducing Spam Guru Risk Rating

The next generation of spam call protection is here. Improve your contact rates and phone number management with Spam Guru™.

Spam Guru helps you set a maximum number of outbound calls on each of your numbers to reduce the risk of being marked as “spam likely”.

Risk Rating – The Latest Addition To Spam Guru

Now, each phone number can be rated on the likelihood of being marked as spam. Using data from multiple sources, this latest addition to Spam Guru generates an aggregate health score that predicts the likelihood of a call being flagged as spam. Risk ratings range from 0 to 100 (0 being the lowest) and are placed into buckets of Low, Moderate, and High Risk scores. 

The system automatically alerts you when a number is marked as High Risk and allows you to take action in just a few clicks. A Spam Guru Risk Rating is also recorded at the time of every call to provide more business intelligence when reviewing past contact rates.

Adding Risk Rating is part of our never-ending mission to give you an edge by giving you better control over your phone numbers, gaining insight into your contact rates, and feeling confident in your first contact experience for new customers. Clients across multiple industries including call centers, insurance, mortgage, solar, and others have reported improved performance and sales using Spam Guru.

Dial smarter, dial confidently and increase conversations with your consumers. For more information and for a quick and easy demo, please call (866) 678-1288 or visit: