Which Cloud Phone System Is The Best?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to cloud phones. A lot of these systems offer a variety of features, but none offer the full-service, robust Cloud Phone System like Ricochet360 does. We will be highlighting our own Cloud Phone System, and explaining its benefits.

Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems:

  • Connect From Anywhere 

Connection is not limited to just the office. With a cloud phone system, users can make their calls anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. In today’s world being able to connect anywhere is crucial to having a productive workday. Work wherever you need to be. All that’s needed is a stable and reliable internet connection.

  • Reduce Your Expenses  

Installation is virtually nonexistent when it comes to cloud phone systems. Unlike traditional landlines, cloud phones are not bounded by wires and limitations. This ultimately saves on costs such as installation and maintenance. 

  • Scaling Made Easy 

When it comes to adding or removing people from the system, it’s super easy. Whatever your business needs are, changing who has access to cloud phones can be done fast and efficiently.

  • Deliver Excellent Service  

Cloud phone systems aim to improve the process of making connections with different prospects. Cloud phones allow the most qualified agents the ability to talk to high-profile customers. Easily assign your best, to take the most important calls coming into your business.

  • Increase in Sales  

With smarter calls, cloud phones make the process of connecting with customers a lot easier. This means agents will be more motivated and will provide the best customer service, which can drive higher contact and conversion rates, and ultimately more sales.  

  • Easy Set-Up

As mentioned, cloud phone systems are not wired to the wall. There is no waiting for someone to set up the phone. Instantly connect to the internet and have your agents start making calls. Not to mention, onboarding users to the software has never been easier with cloud phones.

Highlights From Ricochet360’s Cloud Phone System:

  • Click-To-Call

With our system, agents can multiply the number of calls and connections they make during the workday. They can avoid misdials because the systems dials directly.

  • Phone Options  

There are plenty of options to use when it comes to making calls using Ricochet360’s cloud phone system. Use your computer, a mobile phone, or a VOIP headset to reach your prospects. All that is required is an internet connection.

  • Skills-Based Calling Queues  

Put your best agents forward to maximize productivity and results. Have your most qualified agents handle your best leads by region and time.

  • Message Management

Keeping organized is essential to having productive agents, Ricochet360 understands this. Our cloud phone systems allow users to manage their messages, voicemails, and more. Never miss a beat with Ricochet360.

  • Call Transfers 

Need some help with a particular call? No problem, our cloud phones allow for easy call transfers. Have a few team members call on leads and transfer them to your most qualified agents with ease.

  • Performance Tracking  

Keep track of progress. Monitor results. Our systems provide detailed reports so you can track and optimize.

  • Call Center Scripts  

Sometimes agents get a little tongue-tied on their calls. Ricochet360 offers flexible scripting for inbound calls. Users can build custom workflows to ensure smooth interactions with prospects and leads.

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