Why You Need an Auto Dialer System

What is an auto dialer? An auto dialer system is a great way to ramp up your team’s productivity. There are numerous advantages to implement this type of system into your business. An auto dialer system is a software that queues numbers from a list and dials them automatically. They serve to connect the salesperson to their prospects and leads, in an efficient manner. It’s important to mention that using an auto dialer system has plenty more features than just calling prospects.

Benefits Of Utilizing An Auto Dialer  

Agents spend a substantial amount of their workday connecting with different prospects. Using an auto dialer software alleviates the amount of time spent manually dialing prospects and leads, saving them time and ultimately costs. Additionally, agents can monitor which calls were answered by prospects, or went to voicemails. As mentioned calls that are answered are then connected to the agent. From there, agents can speak to their prospects directly and work on the rest of their sales process. Indeed, an Auto Dialer helps agents reach and connect better with their prospects and leads. Beneficially, agent performance is increased with the amount of time saved, thus picking up on other sales tasks outside the lines, as needed.

What’s the Best Auto Dialer System?  

There are many options out there for companies to choose from. Surely, the different systems might offer a variety of features, tailored to any business needs. However, Ricochet360’s auto dialer system is the fastest dialer commercially available. With our system, agents can make 500+ calls per day while automating their email and text campaigns. Ricochet360’s goal is to increase productivity, efficiency, and conversion rates among sales teams and agents. If you’re someone who struggles to reach out to different clients, Ricochet360 makes this much simpler for you. Ricochet360’s list of proven features will help you manage your leads but also help build lasting connections that will surely bring success. Our list of features include:

  •  Match Local Area Codes 

When it comes to calling prospects, Ricochet360 automatically matches the caller’s area code to the area code of the lead an agent is calling. People are more likely to answer calls that match their area code. This helps make more connections with your leads. 

  •  Monitoring Calls  

Sometimes, agents need a little help when it comes to their phone calls. Managers have the option to provide training and advice all in real-time. To do this, they can listen in on calls and coach them. If necessary, other team members or managers can jump into calls to help agents, via call barging. This helps to improve service quality, thus increasing customer satisfaction by resolving any issues without the agent unnecessarily transferring the call. 

  •  Recording Calls 

Auto dialer systems also have the ability to automatically record previous calls. These are helpful when teaching new agents and team members about their job, but also great for identifying areas of improvement. Simply listen to your call recordings and inform your team on how to fix any kinks or issues or improve your sales spiel. 

  •  Intercept Calls  

With this feature, agents can still call aged prospects, but the system will automatically hang up on older leads and switch to a fresh lead with a higher contact rating. This intelligent routing efficiently handles sales data to optimize your contact rates. Get the full range of your leads without wasting any time. 

  •  Call Analytics  

Tracking call results is important to any business, sales team, agency, call center, and more. Having access to call data and user metrics can help refine their dialing campaigns and sales calling process. Monitor conversations and outcomes in order to improve your team’s performance.

Ricochet360’s Auto Dialer System  

Our auto dialer system is loaded with features that make your workday much smoother and efficient. Enhance your calls and see the result all in real-time. Save time when it comes to calling prospects. Ricochet360 wants all clients to utilize a system that caters to their needs and alleviates any time-consuming tasks.