Could Your Sales Team Benefit From an Auto Dialer System?

Making manual sales dials is a time-consuming grind. Contact rates are low, so consistent outbound and inbound call activity have never been more business-critical. Just imagine how many more revenue-generating calls your team could be having if they didn’t waste time searching for leads and manually dialing. What if they just made a lot more calls faster?

One tool that can improve your day-to-day sales operation is an auto dialer system. Many companies are using automated dialers to drive sales revenue, increase customer retention, and improve customer service. How can an auto dialer system benefit you? 

What is an Auto Dialer System?

An auto dialer is a software that automatically dials telephone numbers for agents. When the recipient answers the call, the auto dialer either plays an IVR or connects the call to the next available live agent. The goal is to reduce repetitive work and save the time of having to physically place phone calls. These systems replace traditional landlines with a cloud-based phone system for flexibility and better results. 

Most systems have Customer Relationship Management integration, and sometimes may be referred to as CRM dialers. CRM integration provides automated actions that will increase the functionality of your auto dialer system. Businesses that are looking to invest in an auto dialer system will first need to consider which type of software best fits their needs.

The Types of Auto Dialer Systems 

Auto Dialer systems can help a company meet its sales and revenue targets. However, not all dialer systems work the same. There are multiple systems that companies use for various reasons. There are three different types of dialers that you can use. 

  • Power Dialers use a one-to-one calling ratio per agent, meaning the system only calls one number at a time. Despite being limited to one at a time, you’re able to spend more time strategizing before each call. The system enables you to preview the lead information, then simply click-to-call. Once your call is completed, you preview and dial the next lead. Power dialers can skip unanswered calls, and some have tools that let users increase the dial rate. They are effective tools for those who use a consultative sales approach. You are able to make up to 70 calls an hour. 


  • Predictive Dialers call multiple numbers at the same time, only routing to an agent when a live contact is made. Unlike the power dialer, a predictive dialer system has a much higher call ratio per agent. The dialer automatically increases or decreases the number of simultaneous calls per agent based on the percentage of dropped calls you want to maintain. It also uses predictive algorithms and other tools to learn from previous calls your sales team has made. This type of dialer needs to have a lot of agents working a significant number of leads in order to reach the system’s full potential. Predictive dialers are useful for skipping unanswered calls, busy numbers, and incorrect numbers. They are commonly used by high-volume call centers, debt collectors, political campaigns, and telemarketers.


  • Progressive Dialers are power dialers on steroids. In progressive dial mode, the dialer runs through your lead lists across multiple campaigns at the velocity of your operations. A progressive dialer places outbound calls only after the agent has indicated his/her availability to handle the next call. The system automatically paces dialing based on recent connection and abandonment rates and only dials when an agent becomes available. The progressive dialer is able to route calls and campaigns to available agents based on preset rules like skill level, licensing, geography, etc. You can customize a progressive dialer system to match your specific company needs. The system can work in any industry that requires a steady flow of inbound and outbound call activity. Progressive dialers can also benefit sales teams and agents that want to use dynamic scripting. They are considered a better consumer experience than the predictive dialer.

How Effective are They? 

Auto dialer systems can save time, money, and improve operational efficiency by automatically connecting prospects and clients directly to agents. They help manage inbound and outbound call activity and direct calls to available agents. Your sales team will spend more time selling and less time figuring out who to call next. Cloud-based phone systems increase call efficiency by differentiating between previous calls, busy calls, and dialed calls. Auto dialer systems also help: 

  • Increase Call Volume
  • Increase Contacts Per Hour
  • Reduce Agent Downtime
  • Boost Agent Performance
  • Accelerate Sales

An Auto Dialer Can Solve Your Problems

Every company has its own set of problems that they are trying to solve when considering an auto dialer system. If you are a B2B or B2C business that is searching for a solution to 5x your current call activity, increase contact rates, and scale revenue then a dialer may be right for you.  

The Ricochet360 Progressive Dialer System is the dialer of choice for innovative sales leaders. The system is capable of making over 500 calls a day per agent while automating emails and SMS drip marketing campaigns. Truth be told, not all leads are created equal, nor are all sales agents. You need to ensure that your top agents are talking with the right prospects. To request a free demo, contact us today.