CRM software was originally designed for corporations and large businesses. Eventually, small and midsize mainstream businesses came to recognize the power that a solid lead management or CRM system provides. In many cases, the complex solutions that accommodate large businesses simply do not work for smaller companies. Small business CRMs function differently and is designed to meet the unique set of needs that small companies encounter. Today many CRM products are available across a wide range of prices and functionality. When evaluating software options to simplify your business communication and lead management, here are four features that every good small business CRM should have.

Automate Immediate Lead Response Via Phone Call

An MIT study indicated that business owners increase their chances of converting a lead into a customer by 500 percent if they speak with the individual within 60 seconds of initial contact. Most small business CRM programs invite potential clients and customers to supply their personal information via some type of form. The program then alerts the company owner of the contact who may then follow-up with a personal phone call. However, imagine having the chance to automate a follow-up response on the spot. This function is consistent, it’s like a salesperson greeting every visitor at the door the same way every time. It converts better and leaves you free to deal with more pressing matters like working on your business instead of in your business every day.

Small Business CRM: Sales

Marketing Automation

The top internet marketers know the importance of having an email list. Automated emails help build relationships with clients and customers in a number of ways. By using automated marketing, small business owners can:

  • Send and receive emails and text messages day or night.
  • Send educational content to one or more people using a dripped sequence.
  • Notify clients of sales or special events.
  • Run multiple marketing campaigns at the same time.
  • Trigger hyper targeted emails from changing the status of the lead.
  • Create employee follow-ups.

Small Business CRM: Marketing automation for email, phone, text and more

Built-In Cloud-Based Phone System

A small business CRM should provide the convenience of taking calls anywhere and have the ability to route calls to any desired location. The system should also have the capability to sync the phone with a PC or mobile device in order to quickly visualize lead information, phone call history, orders, notes or other vital information. Also including click to call or automated calling allows for more efficient communications and increased output by salespeople.

Small Business CRM: Cloud-based phone system increases efficiency

Automate Everything

CRM for small business owners must be intuitive and user-friendly so that users can easily access the program, quickly navigate through the functions and complete the desired task. By seamlessly coordinating marketing, sales and customer service applications, business owners and employees do not lose valuable time or become frustrated. Less thought means increased lead conversion!

Small Business CRM: Automate everything with your lead response funnel

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