In the market for a new SaaS dialer or CRM solution? Frustrated by the evaluation process when comparing dialer & CRM solutions? You’re not alone. Selecting a SaaS product can be confusing, but we’re here to make things easier. When evaluating SaaS solutions, here are 10 questions questions you should ask each prospective dialer and CRM vendor.

1. What do your customers consider your best features? Your weakest?

2. How long does a typical implementation project take (to get a new customer fully online)?

3. What software integrations do you already support? How difficult is it to add a new one?

4. What is the uptime guarantee in your service agreement? What happens if you have problems?

5. Are there any additional costs we should anticipate over time (aside from subscription fees)?

6. How do we report issues and how do you manage them?

7. Can you describe your security framework?

8. Can you provide two references from my industry?

9. What are the term and termination provisions of your standard service agreement?

10. What major enhancements do you have planned for the next year?

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